We aren’t panicking just yet. If we do it will be based on pipeline and investment confidence, so let’s see what comes of any stimulus. As of today, we do have a good mix of projects both here and in NZ, which even with precautions in place seem to be moving, be it slowly, in the right direction for us. We understand that there are others not as fortunate and it is a truly sad situation. I sincerely hope that things can be realigned for those effected.


We have a quick start on how to manage closures, having dealt with a swift and full lockdown in NZ weeks ago, but either way we found it’s important not to waste energy on things we couldn’t control, and to take a proactive and immediate action each day with the projections and forecasts we had in front of us.

As a company we are trying to lead with professionalism, patience and understanding and just hope it catches on. We are in this together as an industry, and at the moment ours and our competitors futures all rely on our togetherness now more than ever.


The guys do miss the banter of daily life at Benmax, so the idea of Friday catch ups and other virtual meet ups are a consideration, although without any company policy the team still seem to be getting creative themselves there too which is great to see.

We have not let anyone go, and although we have precautionary options should things decline further, it won’t mean redundancies at this stage, and I’m pretty confident we will be fine.

Having the privilege of employing such good people across the Benmax business, I have been impressed with how they have adapted and took on this challenge as a team, keeping culture alive together, and not looking at this at all as individuals.


Plan for the worst and hope for the best is a simple but effective way to look at this. The fact is the market will bounce back like it has before, and in 2 years from now we could well be in the best cycle of business in history, so keeping the faith, staying focussed and keeping our people on board is key for us to be well positioned coming out of this.

Not expecting anyone to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself is a good starting point from which to make decisions. Staff are looking to leaders more than some ever have in their careers, and so with that in mind, leading by example, and providing consistent and honest communication to staff with what is happening, the challenges and what you are doing about it, with more of an ‘in this together mindset’ than anything else has been really well received.

Truly, I wish the industry, the people and their families the best during this time.

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