A very strange time for sure. None of us seen this coming, or are even sure what we could have done differently either prior. The landscape is changing every day and I guess we have to adapt as news comes in, be that government wise or health wise at one level, and projects and staff wise on another. The work load is there, but its unchartered territory really.


We’ve had to adapt to new operational challenges, which as you know for us is usually site and office. Although adding “home” as a third work space is not new for us, like most it isn’t well tested either. We are looking at more structured approach at manager level to have consistent check ins. We are conscious of project productivity, but the well being and health of staff is first and foremost in terms of what’s important to Ellis Air.

Communication wise we are on the phone more, and we utilise chat apps etc, but keeping it centralised with MS Teams is mainly what we use now. It’s worked for us well in the past so its being more widely used now. We haven’t yet got to much on the video side of things but perhaps that is one to consider for a more culture perspective.


It’s fortunate I guess that we are on some larger scale jobs as the larger builders are very diligent with site safety. Colour coding, and regulation around people proximity has been stringently implemented. It does slow things down but slow is better than stop at this stage.

On top of that there is also a slight surge from the builder side as they are looking to do as much as they can ASAP in case there is a full shut down. So this in addition to the safety measures could bring it’s own problems down the line.

There is a lot out there work wise it seems to still be bidding on. For us it’s about analysing the end user activity, investment activity etc as we obviously want to be bidding on work that is going to happen!


The government have an incredibly difficult job on their hands. Wether good or bad they will always be penalised for their decisions. I respect what they have done so far and as a business we will see how that all helps / or not, as it comes through.

The packages haven’t really effected any decisions we have made so far as we are really concentrating on our people and our projects. I would say the new Job Keeper could be useful across the industry, depending on how it is implemented. It’s a good initiative.


As things stand we are really just working with what we have day by day. Obviously there is a lot we can’t and don’t control now, so taking it step by step and keeping good communications throughout is our approach.


We are still learning, but for now good communication is key for us. Implementing any easy to use technology like MS Teams is worthwhile. I think try to think like it will only be a few months and stay positive with it.

Personally I’m between mainly in the office and home for now, but may need to change that to home soon. Also not heard of anyone I know or locally infected so hopefully that continues!

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